13174080_10153585868333027_1269277303416642794_nBooster Coordinator

The coordinator oversees the Booster organization, calls and sets the agenda for Booster meetings, and is the “go to” person for all Booster activities.


The major form communication to parents is via email. Each year a list of all parents of active theater student is created. The Communication Manager is responsible for the following:

  • Managing parent e-mail list. At the start of each school year there is a major update:  parents from the prior year’s graduates are removed and parents participating freshmen are added. Minor adjustments throughout the year are done on an as needed basis.
  • Forwarding messages from the Theatre Director to parents.
  • Communicating booster needs, including volunteer requests for shows.
  • Communicating non-publicity related information to the school for daily bulletin.



Information about The Company at Falmouth High School, including upcoming show dates and times, can be found on our website. We also maintain a FaceBook page to post information about upcoming shows. The Interactive Manager is responsible for the following:

  • Maintain the Theater Company website and Facebook page.
  • Post shows as events in Facebook, post pictures on the website and Facebook page.


The Theatre Director designs a single page folded program for all productions including the publicity cover and cast and crew lists. A student is typically involved in the artwork. The Program Coordinator is responsible for the following:

Work with Director to proof program, make copies of colored paper, and fold for distribution at the productions.


Musical Program

The Musical Program is a more elaborate program created for the Spring Musical that also contains ads. The program typically includes 9 pages of theatre information specific to the production, with an equal number of pages of parental and business ads, which appear  before and after the production information. Work on the Musical Program begins approximately two months prior to the show. The Musical Program Coordinator is responsible for:

  • Soliciting ads from businesses and parents.  Ads are solicited by letters to businesses and parents, sent 2 months prior to production, due back 1 month prior to production.
  • Working with the Theater Director to proof and produce the musical program, design and create business and parent ads.


Falmouth Theatre shows are publicized through posters, principal notes at each school, community publications and newspapers, sign boards, Facebook, website, and word of mouth. The Publicity Coordinator oversees the following.

  • Obtaining poster design from the Theater Director and having it copied and posted throughout the town and schools.
  • Sending press releases to local media outlets such as the Press Herald, GO Magazine, the Forecaster, etc.
  • Contact each school to post in principal notes
  • Sign boards at High, Middle and Elementary schools
  • Sign board at Pratt Abbott
  • Obtain pictures for distribution with publicity information


Nursing Home Outreach

Some of the local nursing homes provide bus transportation to shows for their residents. The nursing home liaison contacts the local nursing homes in the greater Portland area to provide them with information about upcoming shows.

Volunteer Coordination

For each show, help is needed to bake refreshments, work the refreshment table, sell tickets, sell kisses, and usher. The Volunteer Coordinator is responsible for the following:

  • Creating a Google sign-up sheet for each show.
  • Send email to parents requesting help approximately 10 days before the show with a link to the sign-up sheet.
  • Monitor sign-up sheet to ensure all volunteer needs are fulfilled.


Parents provide refreshments for each production to sell before the show and during intermission to offset production costs. The Refreshment Coordinator responsibilities include:

  • Determining refreshment needs for each show.
  • Decorating refreshment and ticket tables in the lobby in a theme that reflects the show when possible. For example, for Phantom Tollbooth the refreshment table was covered with letters and numbers.
  • Overseeing refreshment volunteers for the shows.


Candy Kisses

Candy kisses and a message tag are presented for sale (design of presentation is the responsibility of the Coordinator). The kisses are sold at each production to help raise money for the theatre. Kisses sell for $1.00 and the buyer writes a message on the tag to someone in the cast or crew.  Kisses are delivered backstage following the show.  The Kiss Coordinators oversee the following:

  • Ensuring there are enough kisses made up for each show


The theatre company operates on a limited budget from the school, and supports production costs through ticket sales, refreshment sales, and fundraisers such as bakes and the tea and dessert soiree.  The director approves all expenses.  Major expenses include scripts for each production, royalty fees, lumber, props, costumes, set construction materials, paint, and bus transportation to the festival competition.   Additional funds are needed to make capital improvements, such as building a display case, or special lights.  The major responsibilities of the Treasurer included:

  • Maintain booster checking account;
  • Count and deposit refreshment and candy kisses money;
  • Pay bills submitted by director; and
  • Communicate financial status to director and boosters.


Falmouth Theatre Company is committed to authentic costuming for each production.  We have built up an extensive collection over the years.  Most costumes are organized and stored in the loft area backstage.  Special costumes are stored in local homes.  When major costume design is required, the Director will reach out to various individuals in the community that have sewing expertise. There is also a student that is responsible for organizing the costumes for each show.  Help is required to repair and iron costumes during the weeks immediately prior to each show.  If needed, parents may also be backstage during shows to assist with any costume needs.

TECH:  Set, Lights, Sound, Scenic Arts

Tech Saturdays – Tech days are held for several Saturdays before a show opens. The hours are typically 10 -3. Tasks ranging from set construction to costume repair. PARENTS ARE WELCOME!!!! You may or may not get information about this via email, so ask your student. Students also work whenever they have a spare moment on sets & lights. We may ask for after school chaperones so the students can work!