Recycling is the #1 fundraiser for the Theatre Company.  ALL theatre company students are expected to participate in recycling duty (typically 4 months per year). Notification of sign ups for recycling come via email or with sign ups at rehearsals.


Photo by Rick Kimball

10 Facts you need to know about Theatre Company Recycling

1. You have Recycling duty at Bucknam Rd (Fire Station parking lot) for November, December & March.  In July, we have recycling duty at the Recycling station on Woods Road.

2. Sorting the recycled cans/bottles is YOUR TOP FUNDRAISER – you earn about $1000 per month !!!
 (you don’t sell magazines, donuts, raffle tickets….this is it…SORTING the RECYCLING !!)

3. It takes 2 students each day, including weekends & holidays

4. With 2 students each day, it takes aprox. 1 hour to sort the bin (SIGN UP WITH A FRIEND)

5. If each student volunteers, you only do 1 day per month (30 days x 2 = 60 students)

6. There is no electricity, lights at Bucknam Rd – get there before dark, wear (old) gloves, dress warm.

7. Lock combination to the shed is 4242 (Bucknam Rd.)  Recycling at Woods Rd is done during Transfer station hours.

PLASTICS: large clear bags (include plastic liquor & beer)
CANS: large clear bags
BEER: bottles  separate tub
WINE: bottles separate tub
LIQUOR: bottles separare tub
OTHER GLASS: (tea, juice, water) separate tub

Make sure that:
 other recyclables that belong in the silver bullets, get there: (glass, plastics, paper bags, aluminum cans – at transfer station only)
. The tubs and bags you fill, are piled up in the back of the shed
- You sweep & throw away any garbage you have collected (large black bag outside shed)


10. We also raise a substantial sum of money through our Clynk account. Theatre Company family and friends return their empty bottles and cans in tagged Clynk bags with the Theatre Company’s account number on them and the money goes to the Theatre Company.

Pick up bags at the Theatre office (students can get them during rehearsals, too), fill them up, and drop them off at the Hannaford’s in West Falmouth, Back Cove or Riverside in Portland, or any of the other Hannaford locations that accept Clynk.

Photo by Rick Kimball