Thank you for volunteering for Box Office! Arrive at the theatre 1 hour before showtime at the latest. (For Musical arrive at 6:15) The refreshment table coordinator will set up the Box Office table with “theme” decorations.  Check in with her if it doesn’t look like it has been done.

560937_10150629743418027_1466632843_nDede will have the cash box. You will need to get it from her.  It will have cash in it to use as change… we sometimes share this “change $$” with the refreshment table & vice versa, if one or the other of us is running low.  Make sure there are theatre programs attractively and neatly arranged on the table. Sometimes there will be theatre programs to assemble, staple or fold.

The Theatre Company at Falmouth High School has no physical tickets.  “Early birds” will start arriving 1 hour before the performance. You can take their money as soon as you have your cashbox.  “Early birds” need to be reminded that they may NOT enter the theatre, but can enjoy refreshments and look at the theatre picture display in the Showcase.

THE AUDIENCE MUST NOT ENTER THE THEATRE UNTIL THE THEATRE DOORS HAVE BEEN OFFICIALLY OPENED.  Check with either Dede or the stage manager to get the “thumbs up” that the actors have left the stage and that the theatre is clear to open the doors.  Also check in with the Ushers and make sure that they are ready to open the theatre doors.

$8 for Adults and $6 for students and Senior Citizens
Cash or Checks accepted.  No credit cards.  Checks can be made out to FHS Theatre Co.
(all other productions during the year are $7 for Adults and $5 for Students and Senior Citizens)

Teachers and employees of FHS are “free” (not their families).  They will usually show their FHS ID.  Some teachers/employees do pay—that is fine too.  If a teacher/employee is unsure about what they want to do, I usually tell them to do what is comfortable for them….donations to the Theatre Company in any amount are always welcome!!

Most asked questions:
Where it the bathroom? (you know that one!)
How long is the play?
Is there an intermission? (yes)
Is there a spot for a wheelchair? (facing the stage, it’s in the back row, left side) Ask if they need assistance.
Is the balcony open?

****remind them to visit our wonderful concession/refreshment table!!***

Right before showtime, check in with Dede. If there are still people coming, let her know.  She will often hold the start of the show for a few more minutes to try to accommodate all audience members.  One of you should walk down the hall to the front doors and see if anyone is still coming from the parking lot.  When the theatre is full or there are no more people in the lobby, let Dede know you are ready to close the Box Office.

When the Box Office is officially closed, either hand the cash box to Dede, or hold it on your lap until intermission. Close the doors to the theatre and quickly take your own seats. MAKE SURE YOU HAND THE CASH BOX BACK TO DEDE ONLY.

After the show, pick up any programs lying on the floor and recycle for the next show.