Photo by Rick Kimball

What is Festival?

One of the highlights of the Theatre Company season is our annual participation in the Maine Drama Festival, which is a statewide competition among high school theatre groups.  Festival exists in every state and in most countries in the world.  Each school performs a non–musical one act play.  The production is judged on all aspects of theatre from acting to technical excellence.  The time allowed for each production is 40 minutes. Any production that exceeds 40 minutes (even if only by one second) is automatically disqualified. Each school is permitted five minutes to set up their play and five minutes to strike.  Any production that exceeds five minutes at either end (even if only by one second) is disqualified. At the completion of a school’s strike, the stage must be completely free of spills and debris. Any special lights or equipment that went up in the first five minutes must be removed during the strike time.  An amazing amount of work goes into engineering and constructing a set that can fit through a standard door and be set and struck within the time allowed.

The Falmouth Theatre Company is highly respected at the state and the New England level and has brought home many awards and State Championships through the years.  During the weeks before Festival there are several opportunities for the public to see the production at the Festival Tea events, organized by the Falmouth Theatre Boosters.  These open dress rehearsals are a wonderful chance for young actors to see an excellent production and to see the large technical staff at work and appreciate their importance in the total Festival experience.  This is a chance for the community to see the behind the scenes workings of The Company and to comment on or ask questions about the show.  There is musical entertainment provided by members of The Company during the tea, followed by the dress rehearsal.  This is a wonderful opportunity to see these talented young people at work and the only time we show our technical crew in action.