Thank you for volunteering to support the Falmouth Theatre Company by working at our refreshment Stand.  We hope you find the following list helpful.

Set Up
Arrive 45 minutes before show. Help fill platters with baked goods.  Keep any items with nuts separate, and ensure they are labeled for nuts/peanuts.  Help keep back area neat.

542478_10150629739663027_158793267_nRefreshment Sales
Once gate opens, until start of show.  During intermission.  After the show.
Sell refreshments, all items are $1 unless otherwise indicated.
Replenish water as needed, pushing the cold water toward the front of the tubs and adding the unchilled water to the back.
Replenish baked goods as needed, remember to keep items with nuts separate and labeled.
Keep the area looking neat.
During intermission, a platter of goodies is delivered to the Tech Room.
Intermission can be very hectic, and although it is important to be friendly, to ensure everyone gets served, please keep conversations brief.
Close the refreshment stand by helping cover the refreshment table before entering the theater to watch the show.  You may be asked to hold onto a cashbox during the show.

Clean Up
Cash boxes are returned to Dede’s office. After the show, baked goods’ platters are covered in plastic wrap.  Ice is dumped in the kitchen, tubs are dried, and water is consolidated in one tub.  Baked goods on the back bench are covered, packed in bags or boxes, or stacked neatly.  Cases of water are stacked under the refreshment table.  The whole area is cleaned up.  The refreshment table and bench are covered with tablecloths.

Thursday evening, (we cannot leave anything out while school is in session) and after the last show of the weekend. Baked goods and other perishable snacks will be boxed, bagged, etc. to be taken home by a member of the Refreshment Committee.  (We can freeze many items to use at a later show.)  Candy and water are stored in the Theater’s cabinets for future shows.  Dried water tubs are stacked and stored in the Theater closet.  Decorations are returned to Lisa. Platters and table clothes are packed for cleaning by the Refreshment Committee.  Tables are wiped down so Kevin can remove them.  The whole area is cleaned up.

After the last show of the season, many of the leftovers will be sent to the cast party.