About the Company

A Message from the Director

The Theatre Company is an extracurricular club that was started in 1986 with 14 students and has grown through the years to include over 160 students in any given season.  Many adult members of the community also help in various tasks from carpentry to fund raising.  On a personal level, I would like to say how much I believe in this Company, how much pride I take in the students’ commitment and the real love they have for this Company. 

The traditions here are long and strong and there is a lot of fun involved in a Theatre Company season from production weekend brunches to Friday nights spent rehearsing and painting to the intensity and exhilaration of Festival season and the emotions of Final Night.  There is a place for all students here and they come from all parts of the school community.

This is a place where students who might never have a chance to know each other come together to work towards a common goal.  I believe that theatre is a tremendous part of any student’s education where new faces and old faces coming together to make great theatre AND find friends and a place to feel at home along the way.

Thanks in advance for all the help and support parents and students will give to make our season of theatre the best ever!

– Dede Waite, Theatre Director