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Theatre Company  at Falmouth High School productions are open to all students who can make the commitment to the production schedule and who are serious about the production values of the Company.  The opportunities to participate and contribute to a successful theatre production are as varied as each student.  In addition to acting, there are endless technical jobs that are as important as the acting piece.  These techies may build sets, design and run lights for a production, help with wardrobe, create props, sew and EVERYONE gets to paint!  Auditions are open to any student and the Director casts to create the strongest cast for a show.

This is a community where all the members are valued for their hard work and the positive energy they bring to the Company. Some people are very talented actors and others are better at running a show from backstage.  There is a place for all students in the Company.  This is an important time to learn responsibility and to become leaders and everyone in a production depends on everyone else.  This is a team that HAS to work together.

The time commitment to a theatre season is important to understand. When you look at the rehearsal schedule PLEASE make sure you can fully commit to the production.  We like to end on time, or a little early therefore students need to be on time.  The week before a production always takes more time because there are all the technical pieces of the production to bring in and rehearsals are longer and involve weekends. It is important for families to sit down together and discuss the time commitment.  Sometimes it is best to decide that a few hours of tech work are more realistic then a full commitment to stage time.  We do rehearse, as much as possible, around SCHOOL activities (sports, jazz, band, etc.) but we really cannot rehearse around students outside commitments.

Theatre Company members must adhere to the Falmouth High School substance abuse prevention policy and infractions will be dealt with according to that policy.

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